Technology Institute

The best of the technology industry, specializing in automotive body parts to stretch the world's best technology company that aims to retain our competitive Technical Institute was founded in 2007, is a high technology and reliability are generating consistently superior products.

Molex Institute of Technology research and product development capabilities and technologies to maximize the mold design, computational analysis, leading research, testing, start (prototyping), Manufacturing Line process design, process technology development, such as mold that is responsible for each of the specialized timdeung configuration, and in research and development is spurring more.
The increasing modernization, becoming advanced in order to proactively respond to market changes, technical superiority of the product development team for the excellent, CAD / CAE, including state-of-the-art design and simulation (simulation) held product development and analysis equipment, production technology dramatically is to strengthen.

Institute of Technology with the spirit of this new challenge by the world-class technology first-class product development and strives to study 21C premier automotive body parts, I will be a leader in professional companies.

Persons: Working Capacity: 16 people
• Technology Development: 7 people
• Cost Management: 2 people
• Production technology: 3 people
• Mass production: 3 people
• Overseas Sales: 1 person